Nixie Create a Storm

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Weather Manipulation

Atmokinesis is the power to control the weather, particularly storms. With this elemental power, merpeople can change and manipulate the various aspects of weather at will.

In Battlelines, it was revealed that a merperson's storm can defy the laws of nature. They can create miniature storms in concealed environments like a house or even in a jar. Rita was shown using this power to create a storm in a jar and was able to control wind, rain, and lightning. Nixie also demonstrated this power when she created the storm in a jar and when she made a storm cloud over Zac.

In Stormy Seas, Ondina and Sirena have a contest of mermaid powers and Ondina demonstrates this power when she creates a storm cloud.  Sirena then demonstrates this power by making it rain followed by thunder and lightning. This episode also shows that atmokinesis can be difficult to control. The Gold Coast's weather mirrored the storm Ondina had conjured in Rita's grotto. It is presumed that this was not her intention. This episode revealed that a merperson can take control of another merperson's storm and use it against them.