Annette Watsford

Annette Watsford

Portrayed By:
Tiffany Lamb
42-43 (Season 2)
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Gracie (Mother)
Unnamed Husband or Ex-Husband
Charlotte Watsford (Daughter)

Annette Watsford is Charlotte's mother. Annette runs a restaurant, as she is a chef.


In the episode "Pressure Cooker", Annette spends a lot of time with Donald Sertori, which Cleo and Kim are worried about as they think they are dating, but at the end of the episode Don tells Cleo and Kim that she was a business partner, who was looking for fresh fish to sell in her restaurant. Annette also appears in the episode "The Gracie Code, Part Two", where Charlotte talks to her about her deceased grandmother, Gracie. She also appears for only a few minutes in the episode "Three's Company", when Charlotte is arranging Lewis' surprise birthday party.